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Move-Out Residential Cleaning

  • 6 hours
  • Prices Vary by SQFT


Prices Vary Based on Size of Home, if Empty or Occupied, if utilities are active, etc. Deep Cleaning Packages Include all Basic Tasks, Supplies, and Equipment. Basics Rate: $.32/SQFT ~Common Areas & Dining Rooms~ -Dusting -Tidy/Decluttering -Sanitization of high traffic areas, remotes, light switches, Etc. -Mirrors and glass ~Kitchen~ -Dusting -Inner Cabinetry, Drawers, and Ledging -Sanitization of Switches, Outlet Covers, Outer Cabinetry, Countertops, Backsplash, Stovetop, Etc. -Sinks, Faucets, and Fixtures ~Bathroom ~ -Dusting -Inner/Outer Cabinets -Mirrors and Glass -Sanitization of Countertops -Sinks, Faucets, and Drains -Inner/Outer Toilets -Showers/Tubs ~Bedrooms and Closets~ -Dusting -Baseboards, Sills, and Ledging ~Laundry Room~ -Dusting -Decluttering -Sanitization of Countertops, Appliances, Utility Sinks ~Floors Throughout Home~ -Sweep, mop, and vacuum with carpet refresh -Trash Gathering and Take Out -Replacement of Trash Bag Build Your Own Cleaning Package on top of the basics base rate: Inner/Outer Appliances (Oven, Refrigerator, Microwave) $89.99 Wall Scuff/Scum Removal (For Painted/Textured Walls) $57.98 Baseboards, Trim, and Corners $57.98 CLR Treatment & Hard Water Removal $49.99 Air Return Filter Replacement $19.99/Each Blind Detailing $57.98 *PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON INITIAL VIEWING OF THE HOME, AS THESE PRICES ARE BASED ON NORMAL LIVING STANDARDS. PAST ANIMALS PRESENT, SMOKING IN THE HOME, MARIJUANA USE IN THE HOME, OR EXCESSIVE CANDLE/ENSENCE BURNING WILL AFFECT THE PRICE OF THE CLEAN IMMEDIATELY. *

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