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MoJo's Cleaning Membership

  • 4 hr


Book a MoJo's Cleaning Plan with our MoJo's Cleaning Specialists. We will include: ~Living Room, Entryway, and Dining Area~ -Dusting -Tidy/Decluttering -Sanitization of high traffic areas, remotes, light switches, Etc. -Mirrors and glass -Floors ~Kitchen Max 1~ *We ask that you have your dishes loaded and the sink emptied upon arrival.* -Dusting -Sanitization of Countertops, Stovetop, Backsplash, Handles, Etc. -Sinks, Faucets, and Fixtures -Microwave In/Out -Floors ~Bathrooms Max 3~ -Dusting -Mirrors and Glass -Sanitization of Countertops and front cabinetry -Sinks, Fixtures, Faucets, and Drains -Inner/Outer Toilets -Showers/Tubs -Floors ~Bedrooms Max 3 ~ -Dusting -Sanitization of Side Table, Dresser, and Vanity -Bed Stripped and Remade if Provided with Clean Linens -Floors ~Laundry Room~ -Dusting -Sanitization of Countertops, Appliances, Utility Sinks -Floors -Trash Gathering and Take Out of all Rooms including Bathrooms -Replacement of Trash Bags NOTE: Blinds, Baseboards, Sills, Windows, Inner Appliances, Hard Water Treatments are NOT included in every session and are required to be requested before being performed. If requested, please note that it will be in substitution of things that can wait until the following session. For example, we may leave out guest bedrooms to do Blinds and Baseboards if requested. *An Initial Membership Cleaning is required before activating a Cleaning Membership.* Accepted forms of payment: credit/debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, check upon arrival BEFORE services are started. Cancellation of MoJo's Cleanings are FREE, HOWEVER slots are limited and once dismissed may potentially be filled with a new awaiting client and will have to benefit from an Initial Cleaning before reactivating your membership. All Membership Plans Can be Cancelled by the Request of the Owner or through your Wix Portal via email @ or Text/Call: 417-434-7782 View Terms and Conditions to see more details:

Cancellation Policy Payment Due within 4 Hours of Services Performed Larger Projects may require a deposit

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