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Initial Membership Cleaning

  • 6 hr
  • 260 US dollars


Initial Cleanings Perform Listed Tasks and Services with Supplies and Equipment Included. Garages and Cellars not included. Base Rate: $.26/SQFT Deposit Mimimum: $260 Remaining Balance Due Upon Arrival to Perform Services. ~Common Areas & Dining Rooms~ -Dusting of reachable ledging, sills, vanity tops, baseboards, and all other surfaces -Tidy of Throw Blankets, Pillows, and Floor Space -Sanitization of high traffic areas, remotes, light switches, Etc. -Mirrors and glass ~Kitchen~ *We ask that the sink be empty upon arrival* -Dusting of reachable ledging, sills, light covers, baseboards, and all other surfaces -Sanitization of Switches, Outlet Covers, Outer Cabinetry, Countertops, Backsplash, and Stovetop -Inner and Outer Microwave -Sinks, Faucets, Drain and Fixtures -Polish of Cabinetry, Drawers, Wood Surfaces, and Handles *Inner Refrigerator (must be clear of all left over containers and dishes, we will move and maneuver around packaged/fresh foods): Additional $40 *Inner Oven: Additional $45 *Appliance Pull Out: $40 ~Bathrooms~ -Dusting of reachable ledging, sills, light covers, baseboards, and all other surfaces -Mirrors and Glass Sanitization of Switches, Outlet Covers, Outer Cabinetry, Countertops, and Backsplash -Sinks, Faucets, Fixtures and Drain -Inner/Outer Toilets -Showers/Tubs ~Bedrooms and Closets~ -Dusting and Sanitization of Bedframe if Wood, Side Tables, Dressers, Entertainment Centers, Vanities, Etc -Reachable Baseboards, Sills, and Ledging -Staging of the Bed ~Laundry Room~ -Dusting of Cabinetry, Ledging, and Reachable Baseboards -Sanitization of Countertops, Appliances, Utility Sinks ~Throughout the Home~ -Sweep, mop, and vacuum with appropriate cleaner -Trash Gathering and Take Out -Replacement of Mini Trash Bags in Bathrooms Build Your Own Cleaning Package on top of the basics base rate: Baseboards, Trim, and Corner Rewhitening/Detailing $57.98 CLR Treatment & Hard Water Removal $49.99 Air Return Filter Replacement $19.99/Each Blind Detailing: Prices Vary If you have benefitted from a membership in the past and discontinued, to resubmit for membership services - you must do the Initial Membership Cleaning Again. *PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON INITIAL VIEWING OF THE HOME, PAST/CURRENT ANIMALS PRESENT, SMOKING IN THE HOME, MARIJUANA USE IN THE HOME, OR EXCESSIVE CANDLE/ENSENCE BURNING WILL AFFECT THE PRICE OF THE CLEAN IMMEDIATELY. *

Cancellation Policy

What Qualifies as an Initial Membership Cleaning: 1. Currently living in and will continue to live in the home without moving or removing any personal belongings, large furniture, or appliances of any sort. 2. Submitted your requests/dimensions to allow a non-view estimate and if interested a Free In-Person Consultation. 3. Heating, A/C, Electricity and Water are required to perform an Initial Membership Cleaning 4. Prices are subject to change based on initial viewing of the property and have the right to refuse services to anyone. 5. If benefitted from a membership in the past and submit to restart services, you must complete an Initial Membership Clean to resume membership services. 6. For invoices over 300$, a non-refundable 50% of the total bill is required at the time of booking services. The other 50% is to be paid in full by the time services are scheduled to start. 7. Quotes less that 300$ are required to be paid within 4 Hours of Starting Services. If not paid within 4 Hours is classified as a Customer Cancellation, will cancel your session and staff will not be dispatched to the home for Cleaning to begin. To reschedule services, you must pay a rescheduling fee of $50. 8. We only provide what is listed on this service description that is safely with reach, however if tailored or customized may provide additional tasks. NOTE: Other services and tasks may be an additional charge. 9. Anything that requires a ladder is not included and may be an additional charge if needed.

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