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Cleaning By the Hour

  • 4 hours
  • $39.99/Hour


~1-4 Person Crew~ ~Minimum 2 Hour Interval • Maximum 8 Hour Interval* -$39.99/Hour- *Note: Size, style, living conditions, clutter, etc. can alter the amount of time needed to finish the requested tasks completely. Add by the hour within session times up to the maximum allowed and pay the difference upon completion Via Card, Cash, or Check. Request Highest to Lowest Priorities on the Spaces by Wix App! Step 1. Download Spaces by Wix Step 2. Copy/Paste Code: 2AUDH1 into search bar of App Step 3. Request to Become a Member Step 4. Once Accepted - Select Task Request Form Step 5. Fill it out and submit any details, tasks or rooms that need prioritized first. Select Supplies, Equipment and Tasks are Included. Included Tasks and Services: ~Living Room~ -Dusting -Tidy/Decluttering -Sanitization of high traffic areas, remotes, light switches, Etc. -Mirrors and glass ~Kitchen~ -Dusting -Backsplash and Hood Vent -Sanitization of Outer Cabinetry, Countertops, Stovetop, Etc. -Sinks, Faucets, Drain, and Fixtures -Mirrors and Glass -Handles and High traffic Areas ~Bathroom ~ -Dusting -Mirrors and Glass -Sanitization of Countertops, Handles, Backsplash, Ledging, and high traffic areas -Sinks, Fixtures, Faucets, and Drains -Inner/Outer Toilets -Showers/Tubs ~Bedrooms~ -Dusting -Side Table, Dresser, and Vanity sanitization -Bed Stripped and Remade if Provided with Clean Linens ~Laundry Room~ -Dusting -Decluttering -Sanitization of Countertops, Appliances, Utility Sinks ~Throughout Home~ -Baseboards, Blinds, Vents, Light Switches, Sills, Fans, -Sweep, mop, and vacuum with carpet powder -Trash Gathering and Take Out -Replacement of Trash Bag NOT Included in the Hourly Price: Inner Oven, Grout Cleanings, Tile/Stone Detailing (Including Showers) Carpet Shampooing, Degreasing of Wooden or Painted Cabinetry Inner Oven Deep Clean: $69.99 Inner/Outer Microwave: $29.99 Inner/Outer Refrigerator: $69.99 Grout Deep Cleaning: $.32/SQFT Tile Stone Detailing: $.32/SQFT Carpet Shampooing: $.34/SQFT Chemical-Free Steaming/Pressure Washing: $89 Degreasing of Outer Kitchen Cabinetry: $79.99

Cancellation Policy Payment Due within 4 Hours of Services Performed Larger Projects may require a deposit

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