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Introducing our new Detail 3-Piece Brush Set, designed specifically for detailed cleaning tasks. This set includes three different brushes with detailed edging and precise bristles to ensure that no spot goes uncleaned. The set includes coarse, angled, and soft detail style brushes to cover all of your cleaning needs. Whether you are cleaning in tight corners, grout lines, or delicate surfaces, this versatile set has you covered. Say goodbye to hard-to-reach dirt and grime with our Detail 3-Piece Brush Set.

Detail 3-Piece Brush Set

SKU: MS100
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  • Deep Cleaning Coarse Brush - Used for Grout Lines, Rough to Reach Grime Spots, Tight Areas that require deeper scrubbing.

    V-Shape Corner Brush - Used for Tight Lines, Edges and Detailed Areas

    Soft Detail Cleaning Brush - Great for Crevices and sweeps dust and dirt for tight Areas 

    Silicone Scraper - Removes Built Up Grime for Drains and Surfaces