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Wash, Dry, Fold Perks 

Now that your housekeeping journey has begun, let's talk Laundry. Our Fill a Bag OR By the LB option give you full control over the amount you want completed.  

Let us Gather Sort, Deliver, Professionally Treat, Wash, Dry, Fold, Pair and Hang all Clothing to your specific requests, then return it back to you in just 2 Days! 


 No Delivery Fees, No Contracts, No Brainer. Give yourself back valuable time. 

Let’s talk Statistics

Laundry is the 3rd most consuming chore, behind cooking and cleaning!

An average 4-person Household will generate 25-50lbs of laundry a week!

The average 4-Person household will generate 12-14 Hours of Laundry a Month, or 140-160 Hours a Year!

Women cover and put away 88% of the overall laundry cycled in an average household! 

8-10 Loads of Laundry a Week, using 1 Laundry Pod a Load only is about $225 a year alone in detergent!

What to Gain from this Service 

Request a Quote for Laundry Upkeep

Give us a little information about your laundry journey!

Pick a Favorite Detergent.
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How many approximate Loads of Laundry are we wanting to have taken on the first service?
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